Teknopor Automotive understanding of human resource management; "A company of choice for people who want to make a career" is to achieve that goal.
Teknopor Automotive Human Resources Group, qualified people from different business units working with resources in an efficient manner to ensure the development and placement, the company's vision (the people who want to make a career, an organization that first preference) aims to contribute.
Human resources management approach, vision and values ​​to continuously improve the organization in line, to enhance the capabilities of the team to ensure the effectiveness of the highest standard, talented, work-oriented individuals get the company structure is to keep improving and achieve them.
The most important value to help them reach their goals Teknopor s, owned by "human resource". Therefore, the basic policy of the Human Resources Group; employee motivation and satisfaction, in accordance with the evaluation capabilities, to ensure continuous development and efficient operation is to create a common corporate culture.